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The work you see here reflects what I've internalized from living in Austria, Taiwan, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, and the Pacific Northwest. Much like Art Nouveau artists drawing inspiration from Japanese prints at the turn of the century, the training I had as a child in the Far East has allowed me to appreciate the flow and quality of line and to apply colors boldly. My work is original: none of it is replicated from another source. All work is done by hand and free form. I sometimes use photographs to base my subjects on, especially if the distance between myself and my subject is far and sittings are impossible. Serendipity, whimsy and impulse play as important a role in the creation of my work as planning and reflection.

My work has been seen on Bainbridge Island in WA. in the early '90's, at the Istanbul Hilton 2006 Women's Arts and Crafts Fair and more recently in an illustration for the Anastasia Ashman's February 2011 blog post "The Shelfless: expat books 'don't exist'". If you would like to know more about life in Ankara the book: "Live and Work in Turkey" by Huw Francis features a written piece of mine contributed as a case study for the closing chapter. In gratitude I dedicate this site to Jo Wang Hess and Rita Greene, may they rest in peace.